Musée Picasso

Where: 3rd Arrondissement, Paris While this is undeniably a lovely museum (with a very good roof terrace café, just by the by) my one major problem with it was that there just wasn’t that much…Picasso? It seems a bit of a strange thing to think and perhaps I’m being unfair, but on speaking to a […]

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Where: New York City I couldn’t visit New York without visiting MoMA, and though surrounded by people wearing impressive bits of clothing and jewellery that might be described as ‘architectural’ or even ‘challenging’, I didn’t feel too out of place, and had a really lovely time. The main exhibition I took in was called Items: […]

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The Environmental Bucket List

I first heard about the idea of an ‘Environmental Bucket List’ while I was in Churchill, Manitoba, volunteering in a scientific research centre and spending a lot of time with a lot of tourists (if I’ve had one cup-of-tea-and-a-natter, let me tell you, I’ve had a thousand). Generally, the thinking of these conversations went something […]

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Institut du Monde Arabe

Where: 5th Arrondissement, Paris Even from the outside, this is an astonishingly beautiful museum. The objects are well presented and the displays are both informative and clear. There’s a lot of solid information and interpretive material to get your teeth into and a lot to admire from an aesthetic standpoint too. There are an impressive […]

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Tamed: 10 Species That Changed Our World with Professor Alice Roberts

I was both excited and nervous to see Professor Alice Roberts on tour with her new book Tamed: 10 Species That Changed Our World in the sort of way you only ever are if you’re about to meet a bit of a personal hero and would really-rather-they-lived-up-to-your-expectations-if-it’s-all-the-same-to-everyone-else? I needn’t have worried.  Roberts began with the […]

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Canadian Museum of Nature

Where: Ottawa, Ontario I went to the Canadian Museum of Nature with my eyes on the prize of the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery and I was not disappointed. This absolutely stunning permanent exhibition begins with huge shards of ice, on to which are projected images of Arctic fauna. You can touch and move around the […]

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Musée de l’Homme

Where: 16th Arrondissement, Paris The Musée de l’Homme really does what it says on the tin – exploring Homo sapiens from our biology and evolution through cultures and languages and into contemporary works of art. Taking in archaeology, biological and social anthropology, I felt like I’d re-taken the first year of my degree in my […]

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Itsanitaq Museum

Where: Churchill, Manitoba. (Yes, there it is, just tucked behind the church). This one room museum is crammed with objects – so many that it took me several visits to feel like I’d even made a dent in seeing them all. There are so many things to see and so many stories to uncover. Best […]

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