Musée Rodin

Where: 7th Arrondissement, Paris Sometimes it’s nice just to go somewhere with one plan in mind, and to know that what you really want today is a nice bit of Rodin is as good a way to spend a day as any. This museum is smartly presented, and it allows what you really want to […]

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Svalbard Museum

Where: Longyearbyen This museum does an excellent job of teaching the visitor about the flora, fauna and people who have made the Svalbard archipelago their home. From impressive stuffed polar bears (big and small), to a fascinating view of a miner’s world down a mine shaft, there’s something for everyone. Stylishly presented displays on European […]

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Royal Tyrrell Museum

Where: Drumheller, Alberta If you want dinosaurs, this is the place. Set in the badlands of southern Alberta (which are veritably heaving with the fossils of long-since-dead species) this museum really satisfies a palaeontological itch. It’s got everything you would imagine with huge dioramas that give a good feeling of the scale of the dinosaurs […]

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Musée Picasso

Where: 3rd Arrondissement, Paris While this is undeniably a lovely museum (with a very good roof terrace café, just by the by) my one major problem with it was that there just wasn’t that much…Picasso? It seems a bit of a strange thing to think and perhaps I’m being unfair, but on speaking to a […]

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Where: New York City I couldn’t visit New York without visiting MoMA, and though surrounded by people wearing impressive bits of clothing and jewellery that might be described as ‘architectural’ or even ‘challenging’, I didn’t feel too out of place, and had a really lovely time. The main exhibition I took in was called Items: […]

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Institut du Monde Arabe

Where: 5th Arrondissement, Paris Even from the outside, this is an astonishingly beautiful museum. The objects are well presented and the displays are both informative and clear. There’s a lot of solid information and interpretive material to get your teeth into and a lot to admire from an aesthetic standpoint too. There are an impressive […]

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Canadian Museum of Nature

Where: Ottawa, Ontario I went to the Canadian Museum of Nature with my eyes on the prize of the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery and I was not disappointed. This absolutely stunning permanent exhibition begins with huge shards of ice, on to which are projected images of Arctic fauna. You can touch and move around the […]

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Musée de l’Homme

Where: 16th Arrondissement, Paris The Musée de l’Homme really does what it says on the tin – exploring Homo sapiens from our biology and evolution through cultures and languages and into contemporary works of art. Taking in archaeology, biological and social anthropology, I felt like I’d re-taken the first year of my degree in my […]

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