Institut du Monde Arabe

Where: 5th Arrondissement, Paris Even from the outside, this is an astonishingly beautiful museum. The objects are well presented and the displays are both informative and clear. There’s a lot of solid information and interpretive material to get your teeth into and a lot to admire from an aesthetic standpoint too. There are an impressive […]

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Tamed: 10 Species That Changed Our World with Professor Alice Roberts

I was both excited and nervous to see Professor Alice Roberts on tour with her new book Tamed: 10 Species That Changed Our World in the sort of way you only ever are if you’re about to meet a bit of a personal hero and would really-rather-they-lived-up-to-your-expectations-if-it’s-all-the-same-to-everyone-else? I needn’t have worried.  Roberts began with the […]

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Canadian Museum of Nature

Where: Ottawa, Ontario I went to the Canadian Museum of Nature with my eyes on the prize of the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery and I was not disappointed. This absolutely stunning permanent exhibition begins with huge shards of ice, on to which are projected images of Arctic fauna. You can touch and move around the […]

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Musée de l’Homme

Where: 16th Arrondissement, Paris The Musée de l’Homme really does what it says on the tin – exploring Homo sapiens from our biology and evolution through cultures and languages and into contemporary works of art. Taking in archaeology, biological and social anthropology, I felt like I’d re-taken the first year of my degree in my […]

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Itsanitaq Museum

Where: Churchill, Manitoba. (Yes, there it is, just tucked behind the church). This one room museum is crammed with objects – so many that it took me several visits to feel like I’d even made a dent in seeing them all. There are so many things to see and so many stories to uncover. Best […]

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Maison de Victor Hugo

Where: 4th Arrondissement, Paris Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the mind behind Les Misérables, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and The Legend of the Ages was not much of a minimalist. Victor Hugo’s house in Paris (there’s one in Guernsey too) is crammed full of antiques and interior design curios. But my absolute favourite part […]

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Polar Bear Jail

The sound of the helicopter, rather like a giant mosquito, starts as a tiny vibration in your ear. Your left ear, as it happens.  Not long after you’ve realised that it is the helicopter, and not an incredibly loud insect, it has filled the sky and then tilted impressively towards the earth, almost – but […]

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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba The Canadian Museum for Human Rights deals, unsurprisingly, with some very difficult topics. So it is testament to the design of the building, the interpretation of the objects, and the staff themselves, that the visitor leaves with a sense of hopefulness, rather than desperation. The architecture of the building leads the visitor […]

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