Canada’s Oceans Towards 2020

At the end of last year the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto played host to people from all over Canada to talk about oceans and Canada “From Coast, to Coast, to Coast” (a term, which I absolutely love, coined by the C3 expedition which saw a boat full of scientists, artists and indigenous individuals make […]

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Polar Bear Jail

The sound of the helicopter, rather like a giant mosquito, starts as a tiny vibration in your ear. Your left ear, as it happens.  Not long after you’ve realised that it is the helicopter, and not an incredibly loud insect, it has filled the sky and then tilted impressively towards the earth, almost – but […]

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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba The Canadian Museum for Human Rights deals, unsurprisingly, with some very difficult topics. So it is testament to the design of the building, the interpretation of the objects, and the staff themselves, that the visitor leaves with a sense of hopefulness, rather than desperation. The architecture of the building leads the visitor […]

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